From birth until they take their first steps, kids are learning small and big things. Learning doesn’t stop for anyone. Every day is a step towards new doors and beautiful horizons. But, starting school is a different learning experience for your kids, and it won’t always be easy. Have you ever wondered how you can tell your child’s development is getting ready for kindergarten?

As your child grows up, they have to learn independence in order for them to learn other things, too. Just like kindergarten! Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum, a business owner or a career woman, you won’t always be around to watch your child like a hawk, especially in school. And the more they grow, the more they will have time away from you.

The best thing you can do for your child is to make it easier for them when getting ready for kindergarten. Things they should learn before kindergarten do not have to necessarily be skills and technical learnings. They can be emotional and mental lessons that can help them cope with the changes they will be facing as soon as kindergarten begins.

Getting Reading For Kindergarten: 6 Things Every Child Should Know 

1. Familiarity with letters and numbers

Learning is a process that shouldn’t be forced. Learning can be fun and voluntarily. Forcing memorisation in learning makes the kids feel too pressured and start to retreat from what they should be grasping.

If the kids can memorise the numbers and letters, that would be awesome! If the kids are having a hard time, take every learning opportunity one step at a time. They will grasp what they need to learn at their own pace. Just make sure of consistency in guiding their learning.

2. Practice self-sufficiency

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Self-sufficiency does not necessarily mean being able to do many things alone. If your child can take care of their things, know how to pack their belongings at school into their backpack and know how to call you in case of an emergency, they’re halfway great at self-sufficiency.

In the days that follow their start of kindergarten, give them a little talk about the things that they should know. Certain things like knowing how to clean up after themselves and working on individual tasks independently can go a long way in your child’s learning journey.

3. Learning social skills and social independence

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Teaching your child how to be independent is important, especially if they have separation anxiety. Independence is the first step to growing up for kids since they will be expected to move and work on their own with certain things from time to time.

Start by letting them work on their own and decide on certain things on their own. They must grasp certain tasks like learning how to wash their hands and when they should. Better decision-making also comes with being independent, so give them the chance to face choices and make decisions.

4. Remembering important details

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As parents, it’s normal to feel the anxiety of being away from your kids – even for a few hours. You’ll have the tendencies to be controlling and very strict. If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to make sure they’re independent and all geared up for the open world. What are the things you’ll need to equip them with? Important emergency information, of course!

Let’s start with this important information in case of emergencies;

  • Make sure you remind them you’re always on their speed dial.
  • Have them memorise your phone number – have them recite it all the time!
  • Let them be familiar with the way home, and the details of your home address. Refrain from having these personal details on their belongings, that’s why they must memorise them.
  • Ask them to also familiarise themselves with trusted family members’ home addresses.

While independence and freedom is an enchanting feeling for kids, making sure they can be safe and responsible is also satisfying for parents.

5. Listening And Speaking Skills

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One of the most basic skills a child can accomplish before starting Kindergarten is the ability to sit and listen when they are asked to. When they are asked to speak, having the basic etiquette to interact with people is very beneficial for them. Having the proper social skills is important in growing up – it avoids conflict and any complications as they develop other skills.

If your kids are having trouble listening, take everything one step at a time with them. Simple things to teach them listening and speaking skills always start with conversations. Talk to your toddlers from time to time, teach them how to converse with you and interact with them without making them feel like they’re too young.

6. Experience of Failure

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Let them have their share of mistakes and failures. It’s normal to worry about how they could feel, or how they may feel defeated and give up – that’s where you come in. Explain and help them understand how life works, how determination and perseverance should be practised. It’s not going to be easy, but that’s why children have you, and the lessons their experiences will teach them.

Failing is never the end of life, neither are the mistakes the end of a dream. Teach your children life, and they shall live learning the meaning of it than the cost of their steps.

In A Nutshell…

Knowing your child has yet to learn in life is not something to beat yourself up with. It’s normal that your child will still be taking baby steps. Equip them with the lessons they need to pick themselves up after the fall, so they find their way home to you.

Make sure they head for school with faith in themselves, courage to get through the day and kindness to thank their struggles for making them better than they were.

What’s your child’s first day of school story?