If you’re an Asian mum, there’s a high chance that you’ve done some of the confinement period sayings at some point. But they’re not just some hearsays – there are actually reasons for why they exist in the first place. 

For those who are new to this concept, confinement period is a one month duration where mums are expected  to abide by strict practices and rest. The confinement period is considered to be very vulnerable as any bad substances or impurities can enter a new mum’s body because it is still recovering from childbirth. Because of that, there are certain rules that mums should follow to be safe and healthy. 

In our series “Confinement Period Sayings”, we will be exploring these sayings and discussing them. 

After giving birth, you might want to show off your cute newborn to your family and friends. I mean, what’s a better feeling than sharing your happiness and pride with your loved ones?

But do note that the confinement period sayings tell mums to go on Elsa mode – go into isolation. It’s not that the mum poses a threat to other people, but the opposite! Confinement period practices are made to keep the mum completely out of harm’s way even if it means sacrificing their social life.

“Don’t Go Inside Another Person’s Home”

confinement period

What this confinement period saying means is that you shouldn’t expose yourself to pollutants from the external environment. Is the saying implying that other people’s houses are dirty? Well, considering that the practice is meant to steer the mum away from any potential pollutants, then yes. So take no offence when a new mum can’t go to your house (or anywhere else for that matter).

Things To Do During Confinement Period
confinement period

With this practice, there’s only one thing you can do – stay inside your own house. With most of us enduring the circuit breaker, I am sure that staying one month at home is an easy feat!

If you’re a practising mum reading this, you can take this as an opportunity to go back to your hobbies. Of course, only the ones you can do indoors and nothing like mountain climbing. Read books, paint, write, and a whole lot more. This period may initially seem bleak to anyone but with a little change of perspective, this confinement period can turn into something positive.


In A Nutshell…

Given these confinement period sayings so far, it’s safe to say that this time can get more difficult than one would expect – all for the mum’s health. Keep the importance of confinement after giving birth and those 30 days may be easier to endure. After all, the mums can have all the social interactions they need after this period!

What did you do during your confinement period lockdown? Share your experience with us!