While it’s exciting to go through pregnancy, it’s also not the easiest phase for an expecting mother. Say hello to the time of frequent urination and cravings at 3:00 AM! That’s why the greatest care for a woman would be unconditional husband support during pregnancy.

Husbands, it might be a challenge of being pregnant together. You won’t always understand what your wife is going through since all the physical challenges lay with her. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to support her.

For the guys who are going to be a father for the first time, here are some tips on how to be the best supporter of your wife during her pregnancy!

  • Understanding The Wife
    • Changes in Activities
    • Mood Swings
    • Cravings and Aversions
  • Adjusting Through The Trimesters
    • The First Trimester
    • The Second Trimester
    • The Third Trimester

Understanding The Wife

husband support during pregnancy

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Changes in Activities

Your wife will be going through changes that are out of anyone’s control. Some changes include being unable to do certain things like carrying bags or bending to reach things on the floor. Husbands, this is the time when you need to always lend a helping hand and carry out these tasks for your wife. Husband support during pregnancy never goes unappreciated!

Sleeping patterns will also change – either being deprived of sleep or sleeping a lot. At certain times, going to the toilet will be a challenge because the baby’s growing weight will cause frequent urination, constipation, and haemorrhoids.

Have a chamberpot near your wife to avoid having to go out the door and into a slippery toilet unattended. This way, you will know your wife is just near you and you can monitor her safety.

As the husband, the best thing you can do is provide the convenience and comfort your wife needs while going through all these changes.

The entire point of husband support during pregnancy is not to do everything, but to make sure that your wife is safe and healthy. She can still do certain things on her own, it doesn’t mean she wouldn’t need the extra hand.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are something we all want to avoid. Husbands, be prepared to deal with wild hormones, ten times the effect of when a woman is going through menstruation.

While these changes in moods can eventually be controlled, it’s important to know that it can also be frustrating for your wife to go from happy to teary-eyed or hyper to tired. There is a tendency for her temper and mood swings will even get worse during the third trimester.

Cravings And Aversions

Yes, the sudden urge to eat a specific dish. Food cravings will be unique and novel for you and your wife. There will be times when she will start to dislike the dishes she used to love or enjoy the food she used to dislike.

This is not a fixation, and it can change at some point during pregnancy. Usually, an aversion can come from food with heavy aromas. So the safest option to not get caught in a cranky pregnant woman’s mood is to satisfy her cravings.

Your weak point will be giving your wife everything she wants. Do it, but in moderation. Help her understand that her health is also the baby’s health. She will have plenty of time to satisfy her cravings once the baby is born.

Husband support during pregnancy is important for your wife and your growing child – make sure they both feel your presence and know you care.

Adjusting Through The Trimesters

husband support during pregnancy

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Learning about trimesters is one way of keeping track of your wife’s pregnancy.

First Trimester

Here are the adjustments you will need to make during the first trimester:

  • Sudden changes in the mind and mood of your wife. The best way to cope with this is to listen and understand your wife’s struggles and needs.
  • Morning sickness is something to expect, but it may not be around for the entire pregnancy.
  • It will be time to talk about roles in the household. Your wife won’t be as active or as strong as she is now. She will also be quite sensitive.
  • You might be surprised at a 2:00 AM craving! Have patience and show moral support. It’s a good way of keeping track of her nutrition for the growing baby.
  • With the hormonal levels rising, her emotions will be all over the place. Choose to comfort her during these times with a hug and an ear to listen to her troubling thoughts.

First Trimester Husband Support Action Plan

    • Schedule errands together or for your wife.
    • Be present during obstetrician-gynaecologist appointments.
    • Take note of vitamins, minerals, and important nutrients for your wife.
    • Create a meal plan for your wife.
    • Educate yourself on pregnancy and coping strategies.
    • Learn how to have a healthy pregnancy.
    • Carry the weight your wife can’t.

Second Trimester

While some people may think everything just doubles through trimester after trimester, that’s not always the case. The second trimester of pregnancy is usually the honeymoon phase – or, we prefer to call it the ‘babymoon phase’.

It is the most relaxed period of the three pregnancy trimesters. If you and your wife have been talking about taking a trip, these three months are probably the best time to consider that trip.

Your wife starts to feel more herself again in the second trimester. No more lethargic periods, more stable moods, and more laughing and smiling days. You may also start to feel the small kicks and punches of the baby by the end of this trimester.

Second Trimester Husband Support Action Plan

    • Workout with your wife.
    • Talk to your wife about birthing plans and hospital packing list.
    • Make plans for your wife and growing baby.
    • Plan a trip for de-stressing.
    • Make updates with the obstetrician-gynaecologist.
    • Assist your wife during risky situations (eg. during bath time, going up and down the stairs, clearing walkways, pregnancy-proofing your home)

Third Trimester

The same cannot be said for the third trimester. Not only will the kicks, punches, and moving of the baby progress throughout the trimester, but they will get more intense. This trimester is when you, as the husband, will be needed the most.

It is important to remember that the third trimester is similar to the first trimester – except that discipline will be coming with restrictions as well.

Third Trimester Husband Support Action Plan

Here are things to keep in mind to guide you through the trimester:

    • Your wife will need a diet that would suit her and the baby’s needs before childbirth, during childbirth, and after delivery.
    • Give her small care gestures such as back rubs, shoulder rubs, and temple rubs. Her headaches may be more frequent during this trimester.
    • Pamper her and have more patience with her moods and crankiness.
    • Show your support during doctor visits by taking notes of what the doctor says.
    • Take note of her vitamins and minerals during pregnancy. If she forgets, you won’t.
    • Help her up and down the stairs, through narrow pathways and guide her wherever you both are.
    • Put her health and nutrition first – it’s also the health and nutrition of the baby.
    • Create a birthing plan and pack for the hospital together.
    • Small boosts of confidence and esteem are important – tell her how beautiful and lovely she has become. 
    • Learn home relaxation techniques and activities.
    • Be patient with your wife’s clumsiness. Some pregnant women become clumsy due to oedema and preeclampsia during pregnancy.
    • Attend counselling sessions with your wife. 
    • Educate yourselves on what to do during labour. 
    • Monitor your wife’s health and weight.

In A Nutshell…

Starting a family is not an easy job. And, pregnancy is also a different level of the chain of responsibilities that will never end. The things that do count are the moments shared between you and your wife – and soon, your baby, too. Show your love and support for your growing family as much as you can.

Looking back to these small moments that changed your life for the better will remind you how being a supportive husband, and soon father has made so much for the family.

What do you think is the best thing about husband support during pregnancy? Share your thoughts with us!