Being kids once, too, we know that one of the best parts of growing up is actually enjoying the toys we get. It’s a bonus when there are benefits to learning while playing.

The best thing about innovation today is that there are more educational toys for kids being developed – which will also stimulate your child’s growth potential through the years.

So if you are wondering which toy to get for your child, here are some of our top picks from Amazon!


Throughout history, flashcards play a vital role in the growth and development of a learning individual. Now that more and more ways are being developed, flashcards remain a learning tool for many kids and students since they improve memory retention.

LIKEE Alphabet Matching Cards, S$29.45

educational toys for kids

Source: LIKee

With fun illustrated letters on the cards by LIKEE, there are corresponding colourful letters to match. This way, kids will associate words and images together.

Building Blocks

Building blocks are essential for the motor development of kids, especially improving a child’s creativity and imagination. These days, more and more varieties of building blocks are being produced to suit the learning needs of children.

Periodic Table Building Blocks, S$45.46

educational toys for kids

Source: Uncle Goose

Created with lead-free, child-safe materials and basswood, these blocks contain all the elements in the periodic table. Worried it could be too much for children? It’s a no-pressure toy for kids! It teaches familiarisation of the periodic table and the placement of elements.

Coding And Robotics

In a wider and more holistic approach to education, kids are now encouraged to participate in new varieties of activities. This includes coding and robotics, further enhancing a child’s interest and learning capabilities. Such activities improve collaboration and communication of children, giving them the opportunity to be more persistent, understanding and creative in their work.

Thames & Kosmos Kids First Coding & Robotics – Introduction Kit, S$124.03

educational toys for kids

Source: Thames & Kosmos

This introduction kit is perfect for your mature toddler. Find all the manual fundamentals your child needs to learn before diving deeper into coding and robotics. It’s easier for kids to grasp the concepts thanks to the story-based series.

Memory And Spelling Blocks

Again, this is another variety of building blocks being used in the learning process of kids. Memory and spelling are one of the core skills a student should come to terms with. In this variation of building blocks, the kids are being taught to spell and improve their memory.

ATOPDREAM Memory Word and Spelling Game, S$28.00

educational toys


Not only does this game improve the memory and spelling of a child, but it also teaches proper word-image association to kids. Matching the words to pictures is an easy game that kids always enjoy – this toy has all these features!

Writing Workbooks

Do you remember the first time you saw someone write so nicely that you wanted to learn how to, too? Well, even when we were younger, we would have writing workbooks to teach us how to write in small letters and capital letters, cursive and block letters. There are still plenty of classic ways to learn how to write and improve a child’s motor skill by gripping the pencil.

My First Learn to Write Workbook, S$34.75

educational toys for kids

Source: Crystal Radke

This workbook doesn’t only teach writing, but it’s a wholesome activity book that teaches pen control, tracing objects and lines, proper letter writing and colouring!

Logical Puzzles

Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? Well, not everyone would say yes if it included patience and a long period of trial and error. Depending on a child’s interest, logical puzzles are great for the kids who love to tinker and think and work around certain puzzles. It helps enhance a child’s reasons and logical thinking. It also acknowledges their creativity and imagination to think beyond what they see.

Wooden STEM Geoboard Block And Puzzle Matrix, S$26.77

educational toys

Source: Hoonew Montessori

This logical puzzle is a great starter for kids who are curious and love to tinker with things. With its logical enhancement capabilities, it is also a great way to improve a parent and child’s relationship by working together.

Spelling Jigsaw Puzzles

These spelling jigsaw puzzles are perfect for toddlers who are learning how to spell and familiarise themselves with images and words. It improves memory and strengthens the retention of information. It also teaches children how to be more decisive and persistent.

Match It! Spelling Puzzle, S$36.36

Source: Match It!

The Match It! Spelling Puzzle is a simple flash-card like a jigsaw puzzle that gives children words and images that could help them learn how to spell, pronounce and match them to the illustrations on the puzzle.

In A Nutshell…

Educational toys for kids can be found everywhere depending on your child’s preferences. It is important to observe your child’s interests and see where they are good at, find the best toy that would enhance their learning and support them along the way. Your child’s love for education will always start with you and your home.