Kids might need to carry a lot in their school bag when going to school.

There are your usual textbooks and other school supplies, but these five things are the definite must-haves!

Bringing their own water bottle to school is a definite MUST. Your kids should stay hydrated throughout the day so that they will be more productive and healthy. We recommend getting stainless steel water bottles as they keep the temperature of the water as cold or as hot as you prefer. Plus, they’re also more durable than plastic water bottles!

The majority of schools have clean water fountains around their campuses so your kids can simply refill their water bottles anytime. Having a water bottle with them will also be cost-effective as they won’t have to keep buying bottled water every time they run out.

  • Stationery

As expected, pens and pencils are included in this list. Your child will need something to write with at all times especially at school. 

From taking down notes, answering exams and quizzes, or even doodling, these are definitely necessary for every student’s school experience. It would not be a good habit for them to keep asking to borrow pens and pencils from their peers. They should be prepared with the right items and tools at all times. 

  • Notebooks

school bag

Together with pens and pencils, they would also need something to write on. Keeping a couple of notebooks in their backpack would come in handy for when they need to scribble down important notes and announcements. 

This is also a better way to organise notes as compared to simply writing them down on random pieces of paper. Your child can have a big notebook divided into their subjects, or have one notebook for each class. The decision is up to you!

  • Tissues

school bag

Proper hygiene is a must. Tissues are not just there for when they go to the restroom. These are a versatile must-have that is useful in most situations. For instance, when your child or their friend spills something while they’re having their lunch, they can properly clean up after themselves with the help of the tissue.

  • Alcohol Or Hand Sanitizer

During a time like this, alcohol and hand sanitisers have become a necessity. Everyone has to be more cautious when coming into contact with other objects and people. To ensure safety, it’s highly recommended that your children bring alcohol or hand sanitisers with them that they can access easily. Especially at a place like a school, they would inevitably touch things that are not theirs such as a piece of chalk or whiteboard marker, their peer’s papers, and the like. 

In A Nutshell…

Textbooks aren’t the only things that your child should keep in their backpack. These five must-haves will ensure that they will have an easy and hassle-free time at school. Maintaining this kind of checklist will also instil discipline and a healthy routine that could help them in the future! 

What are the usual items inside your child’s school bag? Share it with us!