Aside from the undeniable fun while bonding, family exercises at home are great for everyone’s health. It could lessen the risks of heart diseases, obesity and depression for everyone in the family.

Some kids won’t understand the importance of fitness and working out just yet. The best thing you can do is keep it short, quick and fun for them to regularly participate in the family workout.

Here are some exercises you can do with your kids!

family exercises

1. Jumping Jacks And Star Jumps

Everyone has heard of jumping jacks and star jumps! Even kids love this exercise. 

For jumping jacks, the target is to jump and clap your hands above your head. As soon as you land, both of your hands should be placed on their respective sides.

Star jumps are more fun, especially when given a cheer, “I’m a star!” Unlike jumping jacks, the target is to jump while having your limbs spread open in the air. Like its name, kids love it because it makes them look like a star in the air! Snap a photo or two for their amusement.

2. Squats

family exercises at home

Squats are best for parents who love to get in shape after gaining some weight or maintaining their body image. For kids, it could be a regular exercise. But for the younger babies, it could be some bonding time with the parents as well.

Good participation of babies in squats is the “Pass The Baby”! While one parent squats and holds the baby, the other parent is standing and reaching for the baby. When the parent holding the baby is lifting their body, the parent reaching for the baby receives the baby and squats. The activity is repeated for several times according to the parents’ workout routine. This is a repetitive exercise that will surely get your baby giggling!

3. Planks

Planks are one of the simplest, yet most complicated exercises. This is because planks test your core and muscle strength. To keep it interesting for kids, using the different plank positioning in a combo is fun. There is the standard planking position, the side planks, plank jacks and the side plank leg raises.

4. Mountain Climbers

family exercises at home

This is perfect for athletic and active families. If your family is the adventurous type, this could be a way to prepare the kids for the next hiking trip.

To start the mountain climbers, get into a push-up position and take your knees forward to the level of your torso. It will appear just like climbing a mountain. It may seem like a draining routine, but it could be best for finishing off the exercising set so do it last.

5. Burpees

Just like the mountain climbers, burpees are fun and exhilarating to do. All you have to do is jump, get down to a plank position, shift to a push-up position and do a push-up then get back up and jump again. Repeat it as you wish.

The trick is to do the combo faster and refrain from stopping between transitions to not exhaust yourselves. To keep the kids happy, pretend it’s a race to eight sets!

6. Swimming

family exercises at home

Swimming, in any form, is one of the best exercises for everyone in the family. Whether it’s the grandparents, the kids, the parents or the pet dog, swimming is very healthy. Whether it is done for a career or leisure, swimming is a workout a kid of all ages will never tire of.

7. Inchworm

family exercises at home

Start by standing with your two feet apart, then slowly put down your two hands near your on the floor without bending your legs or kneeling. Without moving your feet, walk your hands forward for a high plank, walk back your hands to your feet then stand back up.

It’s a fun workout because most kids can do it without knowing it is an exercise. They might even do it better and more agile than you if you include them in the activity. It’s a great way of keeping it light, fun and healthy for the whole family.

In A Nutshell…

Living a healthy life includes living up a fit lifestyle. One of the best ways to start a positive and healthy life is by doing family exercises you can do at home.

For better workout experience, make it a weekly or bi-weekly exercise routine for the family to engage in.

What’s your family’s favourite workout routine? Share your stories with us!