When your kid shows interest in sports, it’s not always the ones offered at school. Some teenagers tend to look for a release from the demands of school that they look for hobbies they enjoy. 

Encouraging them to have a life outside of school is a great idea. The good thing is there are plenty of sports for teenagers other than their co-curricular activities.

5 Best Sports For Teenagers

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Source: Image From Thao Le Hoang

These sports require a lot of running, discipline and dedication. But, unlike school co-curricular sports, they won’t be demanding of your child’s time and sanity.

1. Football

This sport is quite challenging – you can handle the ball any way you want, just not with your hands. Your child will have to do plenty of legwork, but it’s fun, twisting and thrilling to play. If your kid thinks it’s the game for them, you will see them doing ball tricks in no time!

My Active SG has programmes, including football for people of all ages. You can check them out and inquire on available sessions for your kid to enrol in.

2. Self-Defence & Mixed Martial Arts

Your teenager will learn the art of strategies, discipline, and patience when they do mix martial arts. Kapap Singapore is one of the best classes in Singapore for your child to start.

Some teenagers just think it’s cool, but teenagers will need to learn to also be disciplined and dedicated to the morals of these sports.

3. Wakeboarding & Wakesurfing

Plenty of people are growing to love this sport – and even kids show interest! Wakeboarding and wake surfing is also quite challenging, but these sports do promise fun and extremities in their rights.

Suter Tan is a known instructor as he was formerly the coach for the Singapore Team. Kids and adults, beginners or not, who have found the love for this sports love to train with him.

4. Marathon

Fun runs may not always seem fun – they’re exhausting and overtaxing. What does make them fun is that it’s is a sport people love participating in as a group like families and friends.

Just Run Lah stays updated and keeps everyone else posted on upcoming marathons. Make sure you visit their website!

5. Boxing

Talk about letting off steam! Your growing teenager will be facing some trials not just in school, but life in general. The good thing about boxing is it can help release all the stress and pressure your teenager is going through. 

Without getting in trouble of lashing out through violence or talking back, this is an amazing sport for growing kids.

Check out Evolve Singapore for the best routines for your teenage kid.

Why You Should Encourage Non-School Sports To Your Kids

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Source: Image From Nguyen Thu Hoai

  • Stress Relief

School can be demanding. Your child might feel like they are being pressured or suffocated with the things they are required to do at school – from academics to their co-curricular activities. Giving them the chance to try a sport they are interested in will help them release stress, feel less pressured, and enjoy something they like.

  • Recreational Sports

Engaging in recreational activities (sports, in particular) is a great door to professional growth. When school is over and they are at home, they will need an activity or a hobby to continue feeling purposeful and passionate.

  • Social Exposure

Their social circle at school doesn’t always have to be their only social circle. Exposing your kid to other people will enhance their social and communication skills.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

With technology on the rise, it’s hard to get everyone out of the house. You can have a home cinema, a home gaming station, but when can people move some muscles? sports will keep your kid actively engaged in being healthy – sweating out toxins, staying fit, and having a healthy heart and mind.

  • Better Posture And Image

Unfortunately, plenty of teenagers nowadays are too concerned with their looks. While it’s a must to always make sure they are loved for who they are, it’s better to keep them on top of their game healthwise. 

Sports doesn’t only improve body coordination, but the posture and image as well. Reducing the risk of obesity to a minimum, you can guarantee your child to be fit and healthy physically.

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  • Positive Behaviour

Yes, you read that right. Sports induces positive behaviour since it releases endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety. This puts your child in a better mood whenever they play.

  • Combats Emotional Distress And Depression

Depression is not only in adults, but it can also affect kids at a young age. Sports will make their minds stronger and more focused on the things that matter to them.

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In A Nutshell…

Introducing non-school sports to your teenager is very beneficial for their overall wellbeing. It helps strengthen the heart and mind, helps them maintain fitness, and keeps their stress levels low from demanding schoolwork.

Encouraging your kids to pursue sports as a hobby would keep them productive and active. It forms a bond between you and them that you trust their decisions and it gives them a sense of independence to choose their preferences.

What’re the best sports for teenagers in your opinion? Share your experience with us!