One of the best things about pregnancy is you won’t know what you go through until you’re going through it. While some of these wonderful things can be explained to people, not all expecting mums have the pleasure of actually experiencing them.

Here are some facts you didn’t know about pregnancy symptoms until you became a mother-to-be, too;pregnancy symptoms

Did You Know These 6 Things About Pregnancy?

1. You Shouldn’t Eat For Two

pregnancy symptoms

Mums have all heard people saying, “congratulations! There’s two of you to care for now.” That doesn’t include the diet, mummies.

Cravings are purely psychological. The reason people let you give in to what you want to eat is to prevent you from stressing out because you are pregnant.

Eating for two could lead to problems such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia. While you may be going through all these bodily changes, still be responsible for your health and well-being because that would mean your baby’s growth and development as well.

Your obstetrician-gynaecologist would most likely advise eating in small frequent feedings. This way, you do not overeat per mealtime. This is a great way of helping your body gradually and properly adjust to pregnancy.

Despite the better option of eating in small frequent feedings, it is best to remember to eat healthy snacks in between feedings. Neglecting your own hunger might lead to Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, also known as GERD.

2. It’s Normal To Have Hyperpigmentation

pregnancy symptoms

Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of specific areas around the body like the armpits, the neck and nape area, the elbows and the knees. The darkening is caused by the gathering of excess melanin, the brown skin pigment, around these areas.

Some mummies have it too obviously while some have it at a minimum. It’s still a case-to-case basis, but all expectant mummies go through it nonetheless. Most of the time, skincare can’t help. This is still something you shouldn’t worry about.

Hyperpigmentation and discolouration in some areas of the body during pregnancy are normal. Because of the hormonal changes, the friction in some areas may darken more than in others.

Worry not, mummies! This is only due to the hormonal changes you go through during pregnancy. Your skin in these areas usually return to normal weeks after pregnancy and your hormones return to normal.

3. The Linea Nigra And Linea Alba Will Always Be Present During Pregnancy

pregnancy symptoms

Did you notice that line falling from your belly button? Is it white or dark? That’s what people call the “linea nigra” or “linea alba”. 

Thanks to hormonal changes, the linea nigra and linea alba are also the results of the imbalance and hyperpigmentation. While some mothers do not develop hyperpigmentation in the armpits and neck area, these lines will always be present in every pregnancy.

The dark line is the linea nigra, while the lighter line is the linea alba. Most natural skin colours develop the linea nigra while lighter-skinned people develop the linea alba. They start to become visible during the first months of pregnancy and are more obvious in the later months. It can make you feel quite conscious of your tummy skin, but it will disappear once you give birth to your baby.

4. Oedema Is A Normal Symptom

pregnancy symptoms

Most people mistake oedema for preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is when the swelling of the feet and hands are caused by gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and a sign of a damaged organ.

While oedema and preeclampsia do have similarities, oedema is a normal swelling symptom of pregnancy in the later trimester. Your body produces more blood and bodily fluids during pregnancy to meet the needs of your baby.

The feet and ankles are not the only parts you will experience oedema. Your hands, face and legs will also have oedema. 

Lessen the appearance of oedema through;

  • sleeping with your feet elevated
  • refrain from salty food consumption
  • using compression stockings
  • getting a massage
  • refraining from standing up too long
  • moving your ankles and toes from time to time.

5. Your Baby’s Kicks Can Tell How Healthy Your Baby Is

pregnancy symptoms

Some mums and dads worry that the baby is too active in the womb, and it eventually becomes worrisome. Is the baby not comfortable? Is your belly not expanding to provide enough space for your baby? Is the baby suffocating?

Your baby is active in the womb – it’s a good sign! The movements are there to tell you your baby is doing well in the womb. As your pregnancy progresses, the more intense and more frequent the baby moves.

6. You Grow A New Organ

pregnancy symptoms

The placenta is not an organ that has always existed. It is created for you and your baby during pregnancy. The nutrients you consume, the oxygen and blood you produce for your baby will be stored in the placenta. Think of it as your baby’s very own fridge of necessities.

Since it is only a temporary organ, the placenta exists during pregnancy and is removed once you give birth to your baby.

In A Nutshell…

Pregnancy is not only a milestone in a woman’s life, but it is also one of the most fulfilling experiences a couple could go through. Most of the things that happen during pregnancy are unexpected, and you will not know the beauty of these experiences until you are an expectant mother yourself.

There are more to what meets the eye during pregnancy like having a bigger heart to pump enough blood for your baby and you, feeling bloated to accommodate your baby’s size or even losing sleep to talk to your responsive baby’s kicks. Live it as much as you can.

What’s are things you didn’t expect to be pregnancy symptoms? Share your stories with us!