Pregnancy is one of the most exhilarating experiences as a woman – hormonal changes are just one of them! As overwhelming as it comes, the mother’s health and well-being during pregnancy are important. The good thing is Singapore is becoming more open to lifestyle changes, especially with diets and activities. The perfect lifestyle adjustments also work for pregnancy food.

Not only is eating right during pregnancy good for the baby’s health, but it is also good for the mother in the long term. This means the mother can work on a healthy diet to avoid gestational and postpartum diabetes.

The 5 Best Pregnancy Food For You

1. Avocados

pregnancy food

Avocados are one of the widely loved additions to a plate! They go with almost everything. Toasts, a salad and even a refreshing milk drink! To be honest, avocados aren’t only delicious, they’re also pretty healthy for you!

How healthy are avocados, you ask? Well, for starters, it is one of the first recommended food for newborn babies!

So, avocados are beneficial if your body needs essential nutrients like good fat. They’re great for lowering blood pressure and improving your heart condition. The benefits for pregnant women, in particular, avocados are low in carbohydrates and, contain healthy fat and is very rich in fibre.

2. Selected Fish And Seafood

The first thing you should consider when eating seafood is the amount of mercury in the food you’re eating. It’s not healthy for you, and it’s not going to be healthy for your child’s growth and development in the womb either.

Fish such as barramundi, bluefin tuna, king mackerel and sea bass are high in mercury, so avoiding them, for now, should be a priority.

Other fish such as flounder, salmon, perch and snappers are fish that are low in mercury content which gives it a ‘go’ should you prefer fish for lunch.

Doctors recommend pregnant women and children under six (6)  years of age refrain from eating fish every day. They are recommended to take about two to three meals a week with moderate servings only.


3. Soymilk

pregnancy food

If you think about it, soymilk is really healthy for a pregnant woman if consumed moderately. It is one of the best substitute to cow’s milk, after all!

One of the best benefits that come from consuming soymilk during your pregnancy is the fact that it has healthy vegetable fat and necessary folic acid for your baby’s development. Aside fromt these mentioned benefits, it is best at helping your pregnant belly’s digestive system.

4. Apples

One of the challenges in pregnancy is you need more fibre – and the better option for fibre during pregnancy is through eating food rich in fibre.

Thankfully, apples are healthy for you during pregnany. Not only can they provide the necessary fibre, potassium and prebiotics, they are also super rich in vitamin C! Talk about keeping your immune system at the top of its game, right?

The best thing about apples is that they can wake you up better than coffee can. Go for the healthier option!

5. Whole Grain

pregnancy food

Whole grains is one of the best sources of nutrients for pregnant women. They are really packed with vitamins and nutrients. Making sure you consume whole grain wheat bread and brown rice, you’re sure to meet your needs of fibre that can help you prevent constipation and haemorrhoids.

For some cases, whole-grain food helps a pregnant woman’s diet in controlling their sugar intake and blood pressure without compromising the nutrients for their babies.

In A Nutshell…

Pregnancy food isn’t only beneficial for your pregnancy, you can even have it past your pregnancy. It’s needed in life to make sure you do not face any complications with your health – pregnant or not.

While too little is bad, so is too much – even if it is the right food. So next time you’re planning your meal, balance everything you consume for you and your baby’s health.