It is an overwhelming time to face, this coronavirus pandemic. While it can be worrisome, it is important to know what must be done when leaving your homes. You may be exposed to the virus and putting your family in danger when returning home.

The threats of the coronavirus do not lie in the infected individuals, it also lies in the individuals who are not aware they are infected. They are called the “asymptomatic” because they show no symptoms of the virus.

To protect yourself from the virus, there are safety measures you will have to follow to assure your safety and that of your family members.

5 Things You Should Do BEFORE Leaving The House During The Coronavirus Pandemic


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These are essential steps in ensuring you are protected against the virus before heading out the door of your home. Keep in mind that the COVID19 virus can stay on the surfaces from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

  • Take A Bath

You may reduce your chances of carrying germs at home after taking a bath. This will mean lesser risks of infecting your family.

  • Sanitise

Make sure you take a sanitiser or rubbing alcohol wherever you go. Being outdoors, it is unavoidable to touch surfaces where germs, viruses, and bacteria may linger for certain periods. 

  • Wear Your PPE

Always remember to have your face mask on before leaving your home. Not only will you prevent skin contact, but you will also lessen the risks of inhaling any aerosol or airborne germs, bacteria and viruses.

  • Confirm Your Errands

Before you leave the house, make sure you have compiled everything you need to do. Only go out for essential errands like bill payments and buying food supplies. Avoid taking trips to the grocery or department store for entertainment. The only reason you should be going out is to make sure the household members survive the lockdown.

  • Extra Care

If you wanna be extra careful, pack your phone in a clear case and place it where you do not have to pull it out all the time. The clear case will give you a good view of notifications on your phone and prevent you from exposing your phone to the outdoors.

Things To Do WHILE You’re In Public During The Coronavirus


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It’s easy to forget certain habits in public like touching your forehead or scratching your nose. Now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, remember not to touch your face or the areas near your face. 


Here are other things you should remember while you’re outside:

  1. Make sure there is a distance between you and another person of 2 to 6 meters in public, especially if you are not from the same household. 
  2. Make sure to practice proper hygiene especially if you are the one leaving the house.
  3. Avoid using your hands (or fingers) in public. If you can, refrain from touching surfaces such as door handles, elevator buttons and even escalator railings without using a sanitiser.
  4. Secure your phone. Avoid taking it out when you’re out in public. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with your to-do list to reduce the need to pull out your mobile phone.
  5. Wash your hands and sanitise every chance you can. Sanitise the bottle of sanitiser while you’re at it.
  6. Make a mental note of the things you need to be done before heading back home. This is not the time to forget things, especially when you’re already outside.

5 Things To Do When You Get Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Now that you’re home, it is important to make sure you are not risking your family to the risk of the coronavirus.


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  • Avoid Close Interactions

Remember that you just came home from the outdoors and could be a carrier of the coronavirus. Make sure you are at least 2 meters away from whoever opens the door for you.

  • Remove Shoes Before Entering The House

Leave your shoes outside the door before entering the house. It would be best to have a basin of water and disinfectant detergent outside the door to disinfect and sanitise your shoes.

  • Leave Everything Outside For Sanitation

Like the pair of shoes, leave everything else outside to thoroughly go through sanitation before taking them inside. Disinfect your bag, gadgets and other valuables before taking them inside with sanitiser or alcohol.

If you have groceries, packages, or other bags with you, wipe them with a disinfectant solution and clean rug before placing them inside your home. Your children and wife might touch objects the virus may linger on.

  • Put Worn Clothes Directly In The Washing Machine

Make sure every piece of clothing you are wearing goes into the washing machine to soak, wash, and dry with disinfectant detergent.

  • Take A Bath

After washing your clothes, make sure you take a bath before interacting with your family. Antibacterial and germicidal soap can help in thoroughly disinfecting your face and body from any traces of germs, bacteria, or the virus itself.

Is It Reasonable To Be Overcautious During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

With the risks of getting infected, it is just right to be protective and overcautious of the entire family and the environment you are living in.

Make sure you always have the appropriate personal protective equipment whenever you are going out. Aside from protecting yourself against the infected and the virus itself, it is also a precautionary measure to not infect anyone in case you are the carrier.

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In A Nutshell…

Keep in mind that children are one of the most susceptible to getting infected by the virus other than senior citizens, individuals with the low immune system, and pregnant women.

It is important to keep a hygienic attitude with everything you are doing before leaving the house, during your time away from home, and after you’ve gone out to run your errands. To make sure your family is safe from the 2019 coronavirus, make this a good religious practice.