If you’re an Asian mum, there’s a high chance that you’ve done some of the confinement period sayings at some point. But they’re not just some hearsays – there are actually reasons for why they exist in the first place. 

For those who are new to this concept, confinement period is a one month duration where mums are expected  to abide by strict practices and rest. It is considered to be very vulnerable as any bad substances or impurities can enter a new mum’s body because it is still recovering from childbirth. Because of that, there are certain rules that mums should follow to be safe and healthy. 

In our series “Confinement Period Sayings”, we will be exploring these sayings and discussing them. 

I know what you’re thinking. “We’ve already been told to do that countless times. That’s easy!” But don’t be fooled. This confinement period practice is as general and broad as it sounds. The new mum would have to avoid fatigue in the broadest sense. Read more to learn more about the restrictions of this practice!

“Avoid Fatigue”

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She should prioritise recovery over anything else. Childbirth is no joke and it could cause a number of tears on the body both literally and figuratively. This particular confinement period saying seems general and easy enough as compared to the previous ones. But don’t celebrate just yet! It can go farther than just lying down.

The new mum should be avoiding any sort of burden on the body. We’re talking about letting every body part rest such as the legs, arms, feet, and even the eyes. 

For a whole month, she shouldn’t walk, sit down, watch TV, cry, work on a computer, or read to some extent. All of these actions would require physical exertion that could harm the body and slow down recovery. But don’t worry! Just like the other confinement period sayings, there are some ways around it!

Things To Do During Confinement Period

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Yes, there are still things you can do despite this strict practice. We’re not telling you to completely stop doing anything. This just means to take and do everything in moderation. 

When you’re bored, you can still read or go through your phone but only for a limited time. By the time you’re done doing that, try walking around your room to let your butt rest from sitting down. As long as there are intervals in between your actions, then you should be fine. 

In A Nutshell…

Moderation is key in this particular confinement period saying! Recovery can be tough especially during this month. But with the right balance of activities you can do, you can get through this period in no time!

What are your favourite activities during the confinement period? Share it with us!