We may not see it but babies are actually capable of doing many things inside the womb! They aren’t just floating inside their mum’s tummy during those nine months. So what do babies do in the womb all day? 

These will sound weird (and even gross) at first but thinking about it, they’re proof of how amazing pregnancy and babies can be. Do you want to know what are the weird things babies do in the womb? Read on to find out!

1. Babies Can See Light From The Outside

weird things babies do in the womb

One of the first things fetuses develop is their optic nerve. In fact, in just the fourth week of pregnancy, babies are already forming two optic nerves that will gradually develop into more complex eye structures in just a month. 

On the 16th week, their eyes will be well on their way to being completely functional. They can see light from outside and can even respond to it by doing side to side eye movements. On top of that, they’re doing all of these with their eyes still closed! 

2. Babies Drink And Swim In Their Own Pee And Poo

weird things babies do in the womb

Ew, right? But if you think about it, there isn’t exactly a restroom in the womb so it makes sense.

Fetuses are enveloped in amniotic fluid which will inevitably be mixed in with their pee. Around the 11th or 10th week, they’ll be able to swallow as the layer of cells blocking their mouths are destroyed. 

They also receive nutrition from the food that their mum consumes, but they still ingest things that they need to dispose along with those nutrients such as mucus and bile. And, well, you know what happens next.

But don’t worry! Their excretions are sterile and odourless, unlike our poop.

3. Babies Can Taste The Food Their Mum Eats

weird things babies do in the womb

A baby’s taste buds already form at their 11th week right when their mouth starts to open up. From then on, they’ll be able to taste whatever their mum eats.

In fact, their taste in food is also affected by their mum’s diet. So if you’re wondering why your baby seems to be picky with their food once they’re born, this is why. When a pregnant mum avoids particular foods, expect their baby to reject them as well when they’re out of the womb. 

So if you’re a pregnant mum, you might want to make sure you’re only eating the tastiest food! 

4. Babies Cry In The Womb

weird things babies do in the womb

Everyone knows babies cry but it may come as a surprise to many that babies also cry in the womb! It’s not the wailing that we all know and hear, but it also includes the movements and behaviour of crying.

By their 24th week, they’ll be exhibiting telltale signs of crying such as:  

  • Extending the tongue
  • More complex breathing
  • Jaw opening
  • Quivering chin
  • Moving mouth
  • Swallowing 

But what are they crying about? Is it hunger? Gas? Pain? Scientists haven’t found the answer to this yet, but they did find that their crying is a response to a negative stimulus. To what stimulus, who knows?

5. Babies Can Recognise Songs

weird things babies do in the womb

If you frequently play lullaby songs to a pregnant mum, then chances are that her baby will recognise it after birth!

Of course, it’s not that the baby will come out of the womb belting out “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Scientists have discovered this through performing an electroencephalogram, or ECG, on the newborn’s brain. They have found that their brain responded more to songs they’ve frequently heard in the womb than the ones who didn’t. 

Keep in mind what music you’re playing around a pregnant mum – their baby might remember it, too!

6. Babies Dream In The Womb

weird things babies do in the womb

“Huh? What can they even dream about?” 

Just like us, babies dream about the sensations they feel because, well, that’s all they know. Even with all of these amazing baby facts, they still mostly sleep inside the womb. During that time, scientists have found that their eye moves back and forth as if they are dreaming! 

In A Nutshell…

There are so many amazing, albeit gross, things that babies can do inside the womb that it may seem impossible! But with the help of science and research, it’s been proven that babies are capable of doing more than just swimming around their mum’s tummy! 

Are you surprised by these weird things babies do in the womb? We sure are! Share us your reactions in the comments!