If you’re an Asian mum, there’s a high chance that you’ve done some of the confinement period sayings at some point. But they’re not just some hearsays – there are actually reasons for why they exist in the first place. 

For those who are new to this concept, confinement period is a one month duration where mums are expected  to abide by strict practices and rest. The confinement period is considered to be very vulnerable as any bad substances or impurities can enter a new mum’s body because it is still recovering from childbirth. Because of that, there are certain rules that mums should follow to be safe and healthy. 

In our series “Confinement Period Sayings”, we will be exploring these sayings and discussing them. 

“Don’t Wash Your Hair And Body.”

confinement period

At first, you might think “That’s gross. I can’t possibly do that!” 

Before you click out of this article, hear us out first. The new mum’s head is believed to be extremely porous meaning that anything, from a cold breeze to dirty substances, can enter her body. These can potentially cause illnesses, which we all don’t want for a new mum. 

Is this scientifically proven, though? The answer is no. In fact, bathing is one of the most important hygienic practices a new mum can do. But don’t worry, there are still ways around this confinement period practice!

Things To Do During Confinement Period

confinement period

If you’re a new mum in an Asian household, you can still take a bath but on one condition: don’t bathe in cold water. If you really want to, bathe in a hot bath of fresh root ginger infusion. 

But why ginger of all things? This practice isn’t trying to make a soup out of you. It’s because ginger is believed to be a “yang” or hot food that can cleanse the body. It also improves circulation and even generates fresh blood to the body. 

Whether you’re practising this confinement period saying or just forced to, there are alternatives to make this period more comfortable. Wiping the body with a hot towel is one of the best ways you can clean your body. As long as the water is hot, then you’re good to go!

You can also use dry shampoo to wash your hair. Even without water, it can help reduce oil and grease accumulating on your hair. You can buy this in almost any pharmacies out there! 

We’ve heard and read stories from other mums having to beg for their mothers to let them take a bath. But what can we say? Their reasons sound pretty valid after all.

In A Nutshell…

Not washing your hair or taking a bath does sound gross, doesn’t it? But despite that, remember that there is the importance of confinement after giving birth!

Have you done this during your confinement period? Share your story with us!