Things have changed for many people ever since the pandemic started. Some may know the struggles, but not everyone worked from home until it was the only choice they had – and they have kids to also look after throughout the day.

It’s not easy, yes – but it’s also not impossible to do. Plenty of people have mastered the art of working from home even with distractions and they still do their job well. So, how do they do it?

Here’s how we work through ours.

1. The early bird catches the worm.

Working From Home

The early bird doesn’t only catch the worm, but cooks it and has it served for the day. Well, the point is rising up early in the morning finishes more than one task. You’re not pressured to rush through things and you’re less likely to forget anything for the day.

Morning people also tend to be more put-together, too. That’s because they have plenty of time to do chores in the morning; preparing meals for the entire day and getting the house cleaned in no time.

Going to bed early is a very reasonable feat, giving you the advantage of waking up early to do more things before your dues. The more you wake up early, the more you get the hang of organising your morning routines and mastering time management.

2. Do the important things first.

When it comes to tasks at work and tasks at home, it is important to always do the top priorities first. If you need the table to be set for breakfast, make sure you have it done before logging in for work.

Once you’re in work mode, finish the big tasks first. Get focused, be busy. Then, take a break. Small tasks at work and home can be done in between downtime. After a major task at work, take a break then de-clutter your home a bit. Go back to work, then slip in a minute or two to reheat meals or get the pot boiling.

Once you get a hold of how to handle your tasks at home and at work and manage your time well, work from home with kids set up isn’t such a bad idea.

3. Productivity Equals Multitasking

Working From Home

Multitasking doesn’t have to be a disaster if you know the phase to work at. The best way to be productive even while multitasking is time management. Work with an outline of your day – create a timeline that works well for your work from home with kids set up. It’s important to sync the tasks, not leaving anything out to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed at the end for not including minor tasks.

Work at a pace according to the time you allot for the task so you don’t feel overwhelmed or drained because of working too slow or too fast throughout the day.

4. Compromise roles at home.

Working From Home

It’s important to know which tasks you can work on, and which tasks your partner can work on. Always negotiate tasks with your partner according to your skills, availability and responsibilities at home.

If you handle the meals, your partner can handle the activities your kids must be doing at home. Always discuss the timetable since it’s important when it comes to setups like working from home with kids.

5. Look for de-stressing activities for the whole family.

Working From Home

Do breathing exercises – they always work. If you’re about to snap, consider doing a quick workout to sweat out the toxins. There are activities such as doing weekly general cleaning and indoor exercises you can do with a simple yoga mat to sweat out everything you’ve been stressing about the entire week.

Set aside a good amount of time for the family to sweat and stay fit, especially during the pandemic.

In A Nutshell…

When you work from home with kids, it may sound like a very tiresome day – but, it isn’t. Take it from people who love working at home. It’s all about time management, workload adjustments and keeping a pace that works for you – no matter what you’re doing.

What’s your advice to people who are struggling to work from home with kids?